Friday, 2 August 2019

Bugs - Vivian Kapusta - "A Closer Look!"

Bugs - Vivian Kapusta - "A Closer Look!"

I have been fascinated by close up photography of bugs. 

You see colour and detail that the human eye cannot see.
This is the head of  a flying spider from east Asia. 
Amazingly, they have 6 eyes, two facing forward and two on each side that face sideways.
Credit to Bassamali for original photo. 

I drew a representation onto cotton duck and thread painted ... using a little artistic licence!
He is mounted on a background of black silk with a little hand quilting.

The finish I have been using for our AQAW quilts is to make an envelope/pillowcase and fit a piece of stiff plastic inside ... before hand stitching to close. 
This keeps the piece stretched out. 
My first piece for this group (the crow) has been accepted into two juried shows ... they accepted the method with no comments.

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