Saturday, 20 October 2012

2012 Fibre Art Network Retreat

Below are some photos of the WATERWORKS FAN exhibit to illustrate what a great gallery space we were able to show our work in! The Chapel Gallery is in North Battleford. Historically, it is the chapel of what was once a boy's boarding school. The space is large and well lit. WATERWORKS is our most extensive and varied exhibit to date.

Margie Davidson's performance project represents a year of knitting daily.  The project was draped around the floor of the gallery. She worked on it each day and the record is on tabs added to the side. Each season is represented in its colours.
 The show is hung along two long walls and the shorter end wall. The gallery was able to hang some pieces from the ceiling to allow viewing from all sides.
Sharon Rubuliak and Judy Weiss created a free standing piece titled 'Refreshing, leaving it cleaner than you found it'.

Below, some of our artists by their work ...

Hard working until the end ... Holly Hildebrand and Kathy Dill were our retreat organizers, Debbie  Tyson is our coordinator. They are packing WATERWORKS up after its month long exhibit. Two possible new venues are in the planning.
Meet the retreat attendees! This happy group includes some members who have attended every retreat and some 'newbies'. A great time was had by all!
You can view the entire show and artist's names.

Check out our past exhibits as well! Each year we create two shows. The first is a set of works of a specific size designed for smaller galleries. The smaller show has its debut with the CQA/ACC annual National Juried Show. The second show is larger in it's scope and is open to a wider variety of shapes and forms. It is designed for a larger gallery space.
Our shows are available to travel.
Exhibitions Coordinator, Vivian Kapusta

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