Sunday, 1 July 2012

Design Explorations may - Overload


I do this to myself ... I thrive on being active in all parts of my life. Unfortunately, sometimes I get overloaded when several  projects overlap and reach the crisis point in the same time frame. At this point, my brain has random thoughts about everything and has difficulty focussing on any one task. It then becomes necessary for ME, MYSELF and I to sit down and discuss priorities within a plan.
Some people call it multitasking ... I think it might be my norm.

Techniques: the fabric is my monoprint. I free motion stitched patterns in relation to the paint patterns. The paint did cause some problems with shredding of thread (small crisis).

Colours: the red parts are the crisis lines from various projects, the blue with the random stitch patterns is the norm and the yellow is me trying to keep my sense of humour through it all!

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Rick said...

Multi-tasking is OK as long as you do one thing at a time!