Thursday, 28 June 2012

Design Explorations - April - Boundaries

Boundaries is our April theme (I'm a little behind)

I chose this theme and then spent time wondering what it meant to me!

So, I considered what boundaries were.  Do we have control over those boundaries?

My thoughts: everyone has boundaries. It depends on whether we see the boundary as a positive or negative challenge. When we are children, our parents influence our values and beliefs. Our early years can affect the mindset we use for the rest of our lives. As adolescents, we internalize our values and beliefs. As adults we live our lives according to our values and beliefs. Generally, we have the power to make the decision as to where and when we will cross that boundary. However, unexpected events can take away that power. It takes conscious thought to re-evaluate our values as we cross age / stage of life boundaries. We have the power to set our goals ... how we react is our decision!

Life is a journey, what we value guides what we believe and how we act or react.

The fabric I used was a upholstery fabric with a nebulous design, symbolizing the unknown in our lives. I stamped and stitched to complete the piece. 

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