Thursday, 5 July 2012

Grandma's Quilt

My grandparents lived in Ontario, in the Collingwood area. In my early years, I spent my summers on the farm ... great memories!
My cousin gifted me with a quilt made by my grandmother.
In our family, with 4 kids ... our quilts were used and worn.
I am now the proud owner!
I'm guessing that the design is 'Lilly'
It was machine pieced, hand appliqued and the center blocks are each a different pattern.
Deb also gave me the cabinet that was used for my grandmother's machine. It had probably been designed for a treadle machine, but was changed to house an electric machine. That is what I remember her using.
She used the old style quilting frame. I was always asked to thread a half dozen needles for her. Now that my eyes don't focus as well as when I was younger ... I understand why!

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