Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Yarn & Thread Scarf on a Long Arm

I had been working to deadlines for ages and decided I needed to have some fun.
So ... I had looked at Yarn & Thread Scarves and decided they had to be pretty easy.
1. I pulled out several yarns and threads to get an interesting combination. 
2. I decided what width  and length I wanted and cut two pieces  of solvy, one heavy and one light.
3. I pinned the heavy solvy to the leaders.
4. I laid out threads until they filled the space.  I added a diagonal thread to give variation.

5. I laid the light solvy over the thread and pinned it in place.
6. I tried circular stitching ... not a good idea. I needed to overstitch with a diagonal grid.
7. Soak the solvy & thread in water. Wash with a mild soap. Rinse until the solvy is gone.
8. block the scarf by spreading out on a towel to dry.
9.Fluff in a dryer to soften ( if it is still stiff, repeat the washing process)
10. In step #2, I had left threads extending beyond the sewn area. I took these threads in  5-6 strands and tied them together to make the fringe.
So ... when you look at all those beautiful threads & yarns you have collected and wonder what to do with them ... make a scarf!

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Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

long arm!
no kidding. WOW
I'm speechless! lol

Monika : )