Monday, 25 June 2012

Kauai 2012 getting there

Leaving from Vancouver ... a BC First Nations Transformation Mask at the airport.
A beautiful day turns to golden reflections.

Day 1 Tropical Sunset
Marriott at Lihue: beautiful pool.
From your deck, you can watch the big ships and little sailboats.

There is a beautiful garden and water way to walk in.
A dangling coconut simplifies the weather forcast.
These areas are equally beautiful when you go for a walk  in the warm night air.
There are Oriental art pieces all over the grounds.

 Restaurants are on site and a short walk away, including tourist shops. An Excellent on is Beachrail 'Tidbits' where the sun rises on the past.

There is a model train in the courtyard of the stores.
Don't forget to take a walk along the beach or join in a volleyball game!

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