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La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum

The La Conner Quilt and Textile Museum is a treasure on the west Coast:

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Deep Space      March 28-June 24, 2012
Curated by Larkin Van Horn.
Curator Larkin Jean Van Horn selected the theme “Deep Spaces” following a conversation with friends about the limits of space and the photography from the Hubble telescope. While it was clear that textile art dealing with the cosmos would be an appealing exhibit, the title implied so much more. Artists interested in participating in the exhibit were encouraged to interpret the theme in any manner that suited them, and the entries are outstanding.
The artists went deep into space, deep underground, deep under water, deep into the woods, canyons, and prairies, and deep into the mysteries of the heart. Each artist worked in her own style, whether photo-realism or pure abstraction or something in between. Holding all this wide variety together is a common size: 18 inches wide by 45 inches long.
The task of choosing the fifty pieces in the exhibit from the hundred-plus submitted fell to Larkin and two other highly experienced textile artists: Debra Calkins and Anne Niles Davenport.
At top, Medusa (detail) by Betty Busby. Photo by G. Amour Van Horn.
Photos were not allowed

Contemporary Art Quilts: Working in a Series      March 28-June 24, 2012
Carol Taylor – Artist Reception; Lecture & Exhibit Tour April 15.
Internationally known, award-winning quilt artist, Carol Taylor, approaches her quilt making with intensity and a seemingly boundless energy. Vibrant colors, striking contrasts, use of value, as well as heavy machine quilting and embroidery distinguish Carol’s quilts. She has created over 500 quilts since she began quilting in 1993.
     “I enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of creating a design with fabrics, using all their glorious hues and textures; never knowing quite how it will turn out. I inevitably learn something during the design process and sometimes the results surprise even me. It’s part of the fun! I delight in using hand-dyed fabrics in my abstract, motif-driven designs, accented by the use of value. My quilts are contemporary in style and often abstract in design, emphasizing color, contrast, and value relationships. I piece by machine and free-motion machine quilt them extensively, adding another layer of color and design to each quilt.” – Carol Taylor

Carol has won six “Best of Show” awards in her career…with six different quilts! A teacher by degree, & outgoing by nature, she has been a sales recruiter “headhunter”) for 22 years but closed her business in October 2003 to teach quilting internationally. She also serves on the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) board of director
Working in a Series Lecture & Exhibit Tour with Carol Taylor.
Workshops by Carol:   Sensuous Lines (April 16), Arc-i-Textures(April 17), and Going in Circles (April 18 & 19)
Photos were allowed:
This is me in front of Carol Taylor's quilt. The morning had been dull and rainy ... so I put on a bright shirt ... and blended in!
Carol's work is very impressive. Her use of colour is excellent! 
Sedona: Carol's art quilts show a variety of techniques ... all very well executed.

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