Sunday, 1 April 2012

La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum: Stashfest

A unique selection of fabrics to add to your stash! If you didn't make this year ...
watch for Stashfest next year!

Dean and Linda Moran, master dyers from Arizona, with a phenomenal collection of marbled fabrics 

addition to my stash (I was very restrained)
Beverly Hunnicutt, a Japanophile and tailor from Seattle, with a huge selection of vintage kimono silks

Elin Noble, world-renowned dyer from Massachusetts, with her clamp-dyed cottons and colorful threads
Lorraine Torrence, a favorite local quilting leader, with her international collection of fabrics, patterns and clothes
Leah Weinstein, from British Columbia, with organic and naturally dyed cottons from TenFold Organic
Patricia Belyea, an artisan quilter from Seattle, with her extensive collection of vintage Japanese yukata cottons
Ellen Dooley, a bead artist from the Pilchuck area, with her lampwork glass beads for embellishing
Margot Myers, a batik artist from Bellingham, with cotton yardage printed with her own copper stamps
Mayo Earnest, a quilter from Anacortes, Mayo is sharing her collection of artisanal Guatemalan cottons, including world-renowned ikat patterns

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