Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Canadian Quilt Association Website

We have been adding new features to the CQA/ACC website:

The latest news is that the Canada Eh! contest photos are up on the website. Below the photos is a survey for you to choose your favorite quilt.
Visit and vote! You don't need to be a member.
Send this out to friends, family , workplace colleagues, etc.

A a new look for the home page - as well as CQA/ACC aims & objectives, we now have:
- the newsletter with links to a summary, an article and link to order new copies
- a random photo from our quilt photos data bank
and  the link to the  Quilt Ontario 2011 Conference   http://www.canadianquilter.com/index.php

The Broadcast Newsletter is ready to use. This sends timely information & news to members from the membership list.

The Professional Quilter category of membership is now operational. Quilters who earn their living from quilting can now fill in their page with information and links to their website.

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