Friday, 18 February 2011

Kaua'i - the luau

What is a trip to Hawaii ... without enjoying the food? Hawaii is a blend of many cultures!
The luau is based on 'before contact with Europeans'. Pitt roasted pork, chicken, seafood, rice, taro leaf, poi, pineapple, coconut and exotic fruits.
Restaurant meals include foods from: China, Japan, the Philippines, Tahiti, Tonga ... with European foods mixed in. Not all restaurants are good. The best idea is to ask the locals. The best ribs I've ever had was on the south coast in a restaurant without a name. From the street it looked like a ice cream parlour. An excellent restaurant is the 'Mediterranean Gourmet' on the north end of the island.
The most complete luau was the Smith Family Luau - located on a beautiful property by the Mailua River
The presentation is a family affair ... in a lovely garden property with reflecting pools. Native gardens are cultivated, explaining the plant and it's use.

Peacocks do 'tourist duty'.
The feast started with the unearthing of the pig from the roasting pit.
The luau was served in a covered open building. 
The dancing is on a stage in a small amphitheater. 
As well as the Hawaiian dances and costumes, the other Polynesian cultures were honoured.
We also attended a dance display by 'Hawaii Live' at the Marriott. This was an extended family had been dancers with Don Ho.
The firedancing is truly amazing. 
By far ... the cutest dance was the children. They take their dancing very seriously, learning the history of the dance and costumes.

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Nikki said...

such fun pictures!! The last time I was at a Luau a cute little kitten ran onto the dirt that covered the pig and began to do her business. It was a great laugh the food was fine :) Makes me miss Hawaii! Thank you!