Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Kaua'i - the east coast

Driving up the east side, there are many beaches. The waves are huge and the beach falls off to very deep levels. There are signs warning to only swim in areas posted and with lifeguards.
The Kaua'i alarm clock! Roosters and chickens are everywhere.
The sand is deep and coarse.
This little sand crab blends in beautifully ... can you see his little beady eyes?
This is the cross section of a palm tree ... notice the fibrous bark.
The winds make perfect wind surfing.
The day was sunny, with clouds and the wind blew harder as the day went on.

This is a rock that the waves threw into a stump.
Where else would you find a coconut on the beach?
This rock wall dates back as much as 700 years ago and was used for fish farming!

This area of the Lydgate Beach is 'an area of refuge'.

Petroglyphs can be found on the rocks. Also, you can find  rocks used to sharpen and polish stone tools.

Looking inland, lie the mountains that feed the rivers, making the fertile valleys. The Wai'ale'ale' mountain is 5,000 ft. high and seldom seen with out clouds. Spectacular helicopter rides are available.
This lillie was growing wild in the ditches.

There are two waterfalls that are within a 20 minute drive of the coast. This is Opaeka'a  Falls.

 Wailua Falls.
A rainbow formed in the mist.
This bird soared in the upcurrents.
Kapa'a is the main town in this area is very 'touristy'. Vicky's Fabrics is a great little quilt shop.
Across the street is a small church and from that church - the most amazing  music was coming. It was a combination of hymns and chants. We went into the church and sat down. There was a pastor at the front who would talk for a few minutes and then someone from the congregation would bow in the aisle and start a chant. Others would join in and the emotion was so high that many were wiping their eyes. It turned out to be a Tonganese  service. We were amazed at the size of most of the people - 6 feet was the norm and many men and women were taller. The intensity of the service was powerful and our experience memorable.


Florence said...

i like to travel with you !!
Thanks for the pictures !!

ButtonMad said...

Beautiful photos - looks like an amazing trip...and its always great to get away from the winter chill for a while!