Friday, 18 February 2011

Kaua'i ... getting there

We left freezing temperatures at home & horefrost! 
An early afternoon flight from Vancouver.
Looking south, Mount Baker.
We flew over the Gulf Islands.
The west side of Vancouver Island shows the high waves caused by the winds.
We chased the sunset west to Hawaii and landed at 7:30 PM.
It was magical walking around the hotel ... actually 4 buildings arranged in an arc around this beautiful pool.
The flowers are fragrent, even in the night.
The Bird of Paradise ... an egnimatic design.
Sunrise from our balcony.
Breakfast overlooking the bay ...
The sun setting over the mountains.
The hotel was a design mixture of Italian with a touch of the Orient.
The Koi feeder attracted many other birds.
To keep tourists from getting hit on the head by coconuts, tropical lumberjacks trim them and the branches. This is a piece of the bark - very fibrous - part of the flexibility of the tree in high winds.
This Egret arrived for tree trimming and gobbled up the grubs that were shaken loose.
The weather was mostly sunny with clouds. When the temperature fell below 80F, the Hawaiians wore sweaters
We experienced a one day storm. The winds blew in waves. The sand in the bay was churned up for a mile from the beach. This was the only day of rain. The usual pattern is light rain at night.
The next morning ... clouds touched with pink. 


esblack said...

It looks just wonderful!! Beautiful photography! Enjoy!!

Carol G said...

Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the virtual tour.