Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kaua'i Gold

One image from our Hawaii trip stayed in my mind and begged to be turned into an art quilt.
We stood on Ke'e Beach ... storm clouds were gathering, the sun broke through ... it changed from glowing gold, to copper and finally burning embers. The 10 foot rollers crashed onto the beach.
Original Design, based on my photos. Size: 18"x26"

The fabric started as white, was printed and pieced, then painted. Before it was stitched,  a 2" 'border' of sheer was laid over the design on each side. I wanted a border - but, a subtle one.

Free motion stitching was on my 18|" Innova.
This quilt will be in the Fibre Art Network show  
Remarkable Symposium 2011 
Queenstown, New Zealand
April 18-23, 2011


Lori said...

That is absolutely breathtaking.

Margeeth said...

I think this is an amazing quilt, it looks like it has a source of light in it.

catamaranTortuga said...

wonderfull quilt. I do not see how you pieced it, but I love the result. greetings Marijke de Boer

Carol said...

That is one gorgeous looking art quilt. Love it.

Amy said...

I'm sorry I missed this post when it happened... Kinda had an earthquake. Your work is stunning. I'm sad that I didn't get to see it first hand and celebrate your contribution. I'm sure it went over really well. From this end of the computer it looks amazing! Well done Vivian!