Thursday, 11 February 2010

alter ego ... what animal would you be?

Here is a fun concept: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I think you need to ask yourself some questions ...
Do you want: freedom? Control? To be pampered? To look after others? To be independent? Do you get angry quickly? Are you calm?
Are you: curious? Happy? Mischievous? Adventuresome? Shy? Talkative? Moody? Like to be in a group? Like to spend time by yourself?
Do you like: bright colours? Pastels? Neutrals?
How do you use your time: multitask? One job at a time? Have a list/plan? Dart around without a plan? Rest little/much?
Do you: love to shop? Hoard? Clear out things you don’t need?
and perhaps ask your friends/significant other how they see you ... that could be interesting!

After all is said and done, what animal lurks within?

After a discussion over breakfast. My husband decided a hummingbird suited me ... I do flit around from task to task. He also thought a lama - something about being sure footed and spitting at someone who is negative and invades my space.
For his animal, he chose a tiger or a bear or a crow. He was nicknamed 'Tony Tiger' at one time. I can see the bear and crow. They aren't aggressive until you threaten them and the crow certainly gives his opinion! They also are very social and like to keep a watch on their world!

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