Sunday, 7 February 2010

a favorite walk ... Kanaka Creek Regional Park

On the wet coast, we have mist along the river and moss along the bank.In the dampness, ferns grow out of the crooks of trees.
The Kanaka creek winds through wetlands to join the Fraser River.In the early 1900s there was a narrow guage railroad operated by the Abernathy & Lougheed Logging Co. It brought logs to where the Kanaka Creek.enters the Fraser River. Remenants of the piles remain. The light on the river was low on the horizon as we headed home.
Historical note: The Kanaka Creek was named after the Hawaiians who were brought by the Hudson's Bay Comapny to work at Fort Langley in the 1800's. They were not allowed to live at the Fort, so they paddled across the Fraser and lived with the Native Indians. Many families proudly trace their lineage to the Kanakas.

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