Friday, 12 February 2010

Vancouver City Panorama

Take a 'helicopter' ride around Vancouver.
Check this out ... it takes a minute/two to load:


Florence said...

wonderful !!!!
thanks for the link !

Shirley said...

I love your photo trips -- you always manage
to catch the most interesting shops.

Some of it reminds me of Vancouver in the 60's when we lived there but lots and lots is new - we will have to try to take a drive out there this summer.

We were only minutes from the beach and lived in Dunbar - I fell in love with the blossoms in
February and March, knowing full well that Calgary would still be in the middle of winter.

Loved the spring, summer and fall but found the winter a bit rainy but much warmer!

Lovely city. Shirley

Shirley said...

I meant spots, not shops!!! sorry about that,