Saturday, 24 October 2009

Quilting ...

This post is for my sewing friends:

I finally took time to go down to Ephrata, Washington to take the training on my Innova quilting machine. I purchased it last November and the closest dealer was Cindi Rang who has a great little quilting shop:

So ... I'm posting some photos of the sample we worked on.
Cute little flowers. I worked freehand, which is the type of quilting I do. We did some border treatments,
and alphabets.
some abstracts ...a sun ...scribbles ... Raw edge applique ... and a design outlined from a stencil.We added a few trees.
Remember, I didn't promise perfection!
This is one great machine and I wish I had more time to work on it! Hopefully, I will get some time in the next few months.
This is Cindi and me with my quilt 'Pink Snow', my first quilt on my Innova. It was made last spring for the Vancouver Cherry Festival and was recently on display at the La Conner Textile Museum's Quiltfest.
I found a fabric with a delicate print of willows and abstract designs. I followed the design to create the background. The flowers were made from a 're-used' silk blouse and appliqued on.
The title came from the pink snow blossoms that flutter down in my driveway with the May breeze.

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