Saturday, 24 October 2009

Trip 09 E.Washington - on our way!

The next few posts give the highlights of our trip from Vancouver, B.C. to Ephrata in the south-east corner of Washington. We headed out on a misty day ... Once we crossed the border and travelled a few hundred miles down, we headed east on Hwy #2 through the Cascades Mountains and Steven's Pass.
We stopped in the charming tourist town of Leavenworth. The town theme is German/Austrian alpine.
On the other side of the mountains we follow the Columbia River. The landscape changes to desert mesa and deep river channels.The lakes are alkali in nature and support sage. The animals that roamed before the ice ages were very different.
This is one little bit of animal life surviving today ... Some lakes support wild birds and fishermen. Wild baby's breath flourishes where there is a little moisture. Otherwise, tough grasses and bushes live on the dry hills. Bushes like this can be hundreds of years old.

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