Sunday, 25 October 2009

La Conner Textile Museum

The La Conner Textile Museum is located in the Gaches Mansion, built in 1875. In 1973 it partially burned and was rebuilt to be used as an art gallery in 1975. When the art gallery outgrew the building, it was turned into a quilt museum.
Today it is run as a non-profit association by a board of directors, paid staff and lots of volunteers. The first floor is a furnished in Victorian style, the second floor is a display area for quilts and has the gift shop, the top floor is a smaller display area. Below, some of the staff and volunteers.
At the yearly Quiltfest, I took a course in Sashiko embroidery from Kazuko Yoshira. Sachiko was a form of Japanese stitching that was used to make padded clothing and repair utilitarian clothing. It has now evolved into beautiful stitching patterns is used to decorate textiles.
Detail of the coat - notice the subtle design and transitions.
The course consisted of three parts. The first was the project shown below. It could be used as a table topper or to wrap a gift.
The second project was 'advanced' and taught more about length of stitch and directional stitching. The project is a small runner with five different stitches. The third part is 'Kamon' or family crests. Here is a quilt with many kamons. Some designs are quite detailed.Some designs are quite plain. A design may be varied to show a new family group.
These works are by the teacher. I will post my work in the future.
Another interesting aspect of the town of La Conner is the local wild turkeys that wander up the streets. They control the numbers by shipping the young off to re-populate other areas in the U.S.Their feathers are absolutely beautiful.
There are more males than females. The males have feathers hanging down at the chin. They fly up into the trees to roost at night.This was funny ... I noticed several tom turkeys peering under a car. The objects of their interest was two cats who kept well out of reach. Perhaps they had been chasing the young birds? It was dusk when I noticed this Blue Heron fishing on the shore. A few moments later, he took off. I love the shape of wings in flight.And, then we had a harvest moon.Here is a link to the museum
and a link to the town
This is a 'must see' if you are in the Pacific Northwest!


Florence said...

turkeys are funny !!! I have never seen so big turkeys especially free !

Vivika said...

Thanks for the link! I love the sashiko...