Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Gunboat Bay and FAN 'Elements'

In May we took the ferry to Gibsons and headed north to the Pender Harbour area. With friends Colleen and Eric, we went to see the Fibreartnetwork Exhibit 'Elements' at the Yurts. Located on Gunboat Bay, the all-weather yurts are built on a large platform. Here is the link to the full show: http://www.fibreartnetwork.com/exhibitions.php?exhibition=12
'Elements' was beautifully hung in two yurts. This was what greeted you as you walked in the door: Susan Duffiield's indigo panels and Patt Wilson's hand painted cloth.
A a couple of casual shots: Pat Crucil who did a fantastic job of organizing the show!
Judy Villett and Colleen Peake ... Here is a link to the gallery where the show was held: http://www.gunboatbaylodge.com/fibreworks.html
Yvonne, the owner of the gallery provided snacks and a beautiful sunny day!
Yvonne's studio is in another yurt with a wonderful array of fibre and yarn.The dogwood was in bloom, the floral emblem of BC This is the view from the deck of the B&B we stayed at:

A sailboat slips by in the dusk. Hummingbirds buzzed around and, of course there is security on patrol!
The house is perched on a bluff and well designed for two couples to share.
Arbutus grows along the coast, a tree that loses its bark, not its leaves.
Seagulls are a standard on the Pacific Coast.
A fisherman hangs out at the local General store.

The Sunshine Coast has fascinating names: Gunboat Bay, Buccaneer Bay, Secret Cove and Smugglers' Cove.
One of the pirates must have lost his parrot!

Home again ... watching the patterns left in the Ocean by the ferry.

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Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

What a great venue to display your show.
The Yurts are wonderful!
Thanks for sharing.