Sunday, 12 July 2009

April-May in Schelt ...

We headed up to Sechelt where I had the pleasure of judging the Sunshine Coast Quilters' guild show. It is a large guild, gathering members from ferry-to-ferry along the Sunshine Coast. The show was very impressive, decisions were difficult! My goal was to critique what was well done and to suggest options that might make the work more effective. Putting your quilt into a judged show is an opportunity to grow and appreciate your successes!
This cute little tulip blooms among the rocks.
A little Schelt humor ... a birdhouse made from drift wood.
A wild fruit tree grows amid the rocks and driftwood.
Silouhette on the seashore.
The beach is pebbles due to the pounding surf. The Trail Islands are in the distance. They are privately owned. In previous years when we visited friends on the Sunshine Coast, we used to row out to the islands. Chocolate lilies grew on their shores at Easter.
Patterns in the rock tell of the seabed being pushed and buckled. Layers of seabed break away forming huge flat boulders.
A little humor ... as a fisherman casts his rod.
An abandoned wharf was bleached by the sun and at low tide, sported bracelets of starfish.
The predominant colour is purple, with a few coral coloured.

Heading home to attend a Paul Anka concert. He can still belt out a song and is the ultimate showman!
The following day, we had our high school reunion. Delbrook opened in 1958 as a small school. We have always grouped the first three years together. It was great seeing everyone! So many memories ... where did the years go?

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