Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Abstract Challenge 08 07 Summer Storms & 08 09 Moon

Meltdown & Burnout ... was an interesting workshop with Eileen Neill. We explored using dimensional paint, acrylic paint and melting synthetics, with a dozen other fun techniques.Eileen is an excellent teacher - knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

The pieces below were made at the workshop. I came armed with my list of little quilts I needed to do for the Internet group I belong to:

Abstract Challenge ... Summer Storm: On the prairies of Canada - storm clouds move in, dark and swirling. They can cause thunder & lightening or even tornadoes.

This piece started with a textured upholstery fabric. It was painted with dimensional paint and then drizzled with the lines. The heat gun raised the texture. The paint bubbles up giving a raised line. Acrylic paints added colour. It is not stitched.
Abstract Challenge ... Moon - the moon is near the horizon and very bright. Stage 1: This piece started with a cotton upholstery fabric, then was painted with dimensional paint. To add texture, the paint was swirled with a tool used to spread the grout for tiles. Then, the fabric was blasted with a heat gun to puff the paint. The next step was to paint with acrylic paint.
Stage 2: tyvek was painted with acrylic paint and the heat gun was used to shrink it, producing a stiff plastic with a bubble texture.
Stage 3: the tyvek was cut and placed to create a fantasy tree, blowing in the wind. A silver moon was placed under the tree branches and silver paint added to produce a haze around the moon. The piece was stitched to attach the tyvek and to hold the layers of top, batting and backing together.
The workshop was a good boost to get active in the studio again.

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