Sunday, 19 July 2009

Canadian Quilt Association/ACC Quilt Saskatchewan 2009

In May, 2009, the CQA/ACC show Quilt Saskatchewan was held in the City of Bridges, Saskatoon.The architecture of the underside is sometimes even more interesting than the part of the bridge we normally see. The show was wonderful, the weather warm and the hospitality even warmer! When I could 'catch a few minutes', I went for a walk under these magnificent trees. In the ten days we were there, the trees turned from bare to green!
The audience at the Awards Ceremony is viewing the award winning quilts. You can view them at: Our Annual General Meeting looks after presentations and policy changes.Once every few years, we hold a Town Hall for members to talk about possible policy changes. We have just completed analysis of a written survey from our members that has been compiled by our Director at Large. The results can be found in several parts in the Canadian Quilters Newsletters of 2009.We have students from across Canada and the US who take advantage of great classes ... one of our teachers, Coreen Zerr with an example of her signature style: The Trend-Tex Challenge is sponsored by Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc. They supply the fabric, we prepare packages for sale. The 'rules' of the challenge are posted on the web each year. You can view the quilts here: with 'winning bids' pay their money and take their special quilt home. This is a major fund raiser and gives the buyer a memory to take home.We are the volunteer Board. Our job is to steer the organization. Our projects include the National Juried Show held every year in a different city, we oversee the production of the wonderful Canadian Quilters Newsletter that is published four times a year, we keep a website up-to-date with information and resources such as event listings, call for entry and notices of interest. We work to keep a balance between traditional quilters who make beautiful bed quilts and innovative quilters who make quilted art pieces. We have memberships for individuals, guilds, quilt shops and organizations.

With all these complex projects, sometimes we receive challenges that need solutions. It is a little like a wedding ... you need to expect that something is likely to go wrong and move quickly to 'fix' the problem with as little fuss as possible!
Left to right: Vivian, Johanna, Bessie, Dusty, Kathy, CaroleThis is our merry band of volunteers who deserve a round of applause. A show doesn't 'just happen' it needs many hours of 'behind the scenes' work. The Local Organizing Group works out all the details in coordination with their contact person on the board.
Our Gala Banquet was held in the Western Development Museum We dined on an 'old time' turkey dinner! The Museum brought out its collection of historic quilts.
Our Prez drove ... although not in this car!

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Margaret said...

Quiltmaking is so impressive to me! The time and dedication it takes is rather intimidating. What a tremendous finished product, though. These are just lovely.