Sunday, 29 March 2009

One oops on the trip ...

The visit to Lake Shore Park in Toronto involved a stumble in a pothole. I thought it was a sprain ... so I put a compression bandage on, iced it and flew home. West Jet was very good. They provided wheel chairs and changed my seat to the front of the plane.
In he morning, I still couldn't stand ... so we headed for emergency. After a quick x-ray, I was told to report to the cast room. Now, I knew I was in trouble! After a lecture from the doctor about seeking help before the swelling happened and the danger blood clots while flying with an injury, I had a temporary cast.
This was my view from the bed for a week while the swelling went down. My quilt, Eagle Sanctuary is in the background.

I was expecting a walking cast and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I didn't need it!
It appears that I broke the little end of one of the long bones that joins with the ankle. There are no fractures in the main supporting part of the bone. So ... the recommendation was a pair of light hiking boots that support the ankle and crutches when needed. I'm up on my feet with pauses to put my foot up. And, I have more respect for that hinge we call an ankle!

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