Sunday, 29 March 2009

Come fly with me ... Ontario to BC

Leaving Toronto from the Mississauga Airport. We head over the expanse of Lake Superior. Moving from Lake Superior to Lake Huron, the sun is golden.Lake Huron opens into an expanse of broken ice. Frozen Manitoba Lakes dot the landscape.
Geographical features are outlined by the snow in Saskatchewan.
Drainage rivers show fascinating etching of he land. Alberta - frozen river with its bank glowing in the sunset. In the foothills, the clouds flow from valley to valley. Solid clouds over the Rockies ...We have chased the sun from Ontario as we land in Abbotsford in British Columbia.
We left Toronto at 6:00, paused in Calgary for 2 hours and landed in Vancouver at 9:00.The trip is 5 hrs.+ travelling time. Heading west, we gain 3 hours.

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