Monday, 30 March 2009

Abstract Challenge (no) beginnings & endings

This started with a trial use of some pencil crayons that are dye. You can scribble and wet to blend. they have to be put on thick to get rich colour. I think they could be useful in shading a peice or outlining.The topic was 'beginnings & endings'.
However, I did NO beginnings and NO endings.
The stitching is collaborative. I had it on my frame and friends tried their hand.


Terry said...

I love the vibracy of this and the pencil crayons that dye sound interesting and I have not heard of them before so will see if Google has as I can see some really good uses for them

Lori said...

Vivian, this is gorgeous! I am glad you had a nice trip (other than the accident), hope you feel better soon.