Tuesday, 31 March 2009

My home town ,,, Vancouver

My first day up and out (with crutches) ... we headed to Vancouver on some errands. As you near the harbor, the mountains rise on the north side of the inlet. Glass walls are rising here ...
The stately Vancouver hotel reflection falls on polished glass ...The Vancouver Yacht Club is rimmed by the business center.
A gas station barge is ready to service 'pleasure craft'.
Looking closely, you will see the flat green roof of the new convention center.Further along the Burrard Inlet, the 'sails' of the convention center mark the mooring place for the 'Love Boats' that head to Alaska - by the hundreds in the summer.
Harry Jerome was the fastest sprinter in the 1960's. The Lions Gate Bridge joins Vancouver to North and West Van.
Stanley park was given to the people of Vancouver by Lord Stanley. Hundreds come each day.
We drove along the ring road and a sea wall.
A little resident of the park came out to meet us. He was on tourist duty.
Although it is illegal to feed the wildlife, this little guy obviously wanted a 'treat', or a ride!
Looking to the West Van. shoreline.A few years ago, Stanley Park was hammered by winds.
Before the 'blow down' this area was solid with trees that were hundreds of years old. Broken trees and rubble remain.A closer look shows a nest. Blue Heron? Eagle?
Cargo ships line up in the outer harbour.
Heading home over the Burrard Bridge - our Art Deco bridge.
In 2010, Canada will host the winter Olympics. The sites are being built and an improved highway will reach Whistler Mountain. As always the Olympic games cost mega money. One wonders if there isn't a better way to manage the games. Perhaps sites being spread and reused for a few successive Olympics? Security is such a huge issue.

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