Sunday, 1 February 2009

My first work on Innova Quilting Machine

I recently purchased on 18" mid-arm quilting machine made by ABM, an industrial sewing machine company. The machine sits on a sturdy frame and runs on large wheels - making it very easy and smooth to use. The stitches are even and it handles a wide variety of threads.
My first practice was on a sandwich of fabric that I'll use to make place mats. Here is a link:
It's not the prettiest machine ... but it works great! The design was easy to work with, the shapes are abstract and look good even if the stitching is not exact. So ... I followed the fruit and used leaves and loops in between.
My second practice was on community quilt for my guild It is a flanelette scrap lap quilt made by another guild member. I've quilted it and a third person will bind it. This will probably go to a nursing home.
I used stars and loops with an occasional butterfly thrown in.
It is a great way to practice and gain control.
It feels good to be working in the studio again!


Guzzisue said...

Looks like you have a useful tool here :-)

WesternWilson said...
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WesternWilson said...

Hi Vivian, are you still happy with your Innova? I am hoping to get one of my own and would like to hear how you are doing with yours!

Vivian said...

Still love my Innova!