Friday, 30 January 2009

A Cold trip to Edmonton ...

We started out on a frosty day - unusual for SW BC. As we fly east, Mt. Baker WA came into sight.Low cloud and fog created a 'sea' with mountains poking through, looking like islands.
or pyramids ....As we neared the Edmonton airport, the patchwork of the prairies spread out.The downtown area of Edmonton is being rebuilt, tower by tower. The oil & gas industries have brought good times to the city. Roads are well designed to enable traffic to move around.
The new growth has enabled planning of a Central Plaza with kilometers of underground tunnels.
In one of those underground tunnels, glass skylights bring light and plants flourish.
If you are in Edmonton, here is a great fibre art show at the Alberta Craft Council:
Blue wall quilt by: Margie Davidson.

Below, a glass window at the Sacred Heart Church glows with colour.
An ancient tree shows the marks of time.
The cracked cement outside the church formed a cross of frost.
Magpies followed -curious about me and my camera.

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