Thursday, 1 January 2009

part I Kitchen Saga ... 35 years old

We moved into this house 20 years ago and planned to renovate the kitchen. Somehow we always had something else that needed to be done first. Now that we are retired, there didn't seem to be too many excuses left! We spent time in March making all the decisions and ripped up the floor. In April, family obligations put the project on hold. June came and my son decided he would come over and get us going. I never had a serious problem with the gold cupboards - they were arborite and easy to clean. However, the orange counters ... that was something else :( We did a little redesigning: we cut back the penninsula a foot to give more room and we built a wall to close off the laundry area.In two days, we tore the whole kitchen out.I moved some essential items to a small extra room and to a summer kitchen off my studio. We planned to cook on the barbecue and a small stove and eat at the picnic table.This is what the dining room looked like as we cleared the kitchen cupboards.
Next the ceiling was painted and holes drilled for pot lights. We decided where we needed plugs.
Notice that the dining room has been cleared of the clutter. The next step is to remove the furniture. Now we had the living room piled with boxes and furniture! We had decided to put wood flooring through from the kitchen into the dining room.

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