Thursday, 1 January 2009

part II Kitchen Saga ... rebuilding

Our decision was to support local companies where possible. As I visited kitchen reno. places, and explained what I wanted, they scratched their heads and said, "Let's see if there is a stock cabinet that size". Then, we visited WoodCraft, a three generation kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Amazingly, they said, "Sure, we can do that". For a similar price, they made the cabinets out of plywood with far better quality control than the norm. I was able to get my plate rack!They installed the cabinets in a day. The design is floor to ceiling. This long wall is flush with stove top, oven, microwave and a pantry cupboard where the fridge used to be. The new fridge is on the other side of the hall that leads to the family room.Everything fit to a 'T'
We choose a furniture look for the kitchen with walnut colour to match the ~1920 dining room furniture. In 1975, I purchased an antique walnut table, 6 chairs and cabinet for $75.00. They were in excellent shape and have served our family well.
We chose two shades of green paint, a spring green for the kitchen and a darker tone for the dining room. Interestingly, the paint shows variation in colour with: sunlight, overcast and indoor lighting.
For the floor we choose is birch with a stain that tones in with the walnut furniture.
Meanwhile, the mess grows in the rest of the house.
I did find it useful to keep the drawers intact with their equipment. It made it easier to find things. I have far too much 'stuff'!

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