Friday, 30 January 2009

Two churches ...

My husband was doing some reseach on his father during the 1920's
The Holy Rosary Irish Catholic Church is located in an older part of Edmonton. Immigrant families have come here over the years, and each has built its own church. In more recent times the new immigrant families take over an older church.In the '20's, the church ran a school that my husband's father attended. The school is closed and the church is now the official 'First Nations' church. These early 1900 century churches have wonderful interiors with wood beams supporting the curved roof.The sunlight flooded the church with golden light. The main windows are spectacular. The outside view of the window above:
Another beautiful window with Irish character.In another part of Edmonton, we visited the Polish church that existed in the 1920's.
We visited the Holy Rosary Polish Catholic Church. Parts of it are recent.Being Polish, there was a focus on Pope John Paul with a bronze statue on the steps and a painting inside.
Placed during Canada's Centennial in 1967 is a monument with the Polish Eagle superimposed on the Canadian Maple Leaf. There is also a mosaic of the Alberta Coat of Arms.Inside, the eagle emblem of Poland is repeated, draped with a holy rosary.The stained glass windows depicted the apostles and the Crucifixion. The building is beautifully designed and on a prominent corner ... a reminder to those who pass that there is a deeper meaning to life.

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