Monday, 29 December 2008

Studio III ... putting it together!

September & October slipped away.

They put the windows & doors in, the gyprock guys & painters did their thing and we finally decided on the linoleum floor. The paint colour is a grey-green and the floor is the same colour, mixed with rusty brown. I wanted a neutral colour that wouldn't interfere with any quilt colours I'm working with.
This is what 100 boxes of 'stuff' looks like. We still have some more boxes that "aren't lost ... but we can't find them right now". The closet is capable of taking more than a few boxes. The shelves are 30" deep.
The storage unit is a 'build it yourself' IKEA unit and took several days to put together. We decided to keep the studio 'contemporary'. The theory is that with enough storage space, my studio will be tidy.Jasmine, otherwise known as 'jazzy' decided to inspect the new studio. She is 18 years old ... 105 in cat years. I chose solid white blinds to control the light from these south windows.
Where did I get all this stuff from? And, ... do I really need it?The storage unit is finally operational. Notice the 'daylight' florescent lights. There are no shadows in the room, it is like a bright overcast day.
Now, I need to spend more time to purchase all of the 'non-restorable' items. I can't believe the time this is taking! Everything electronic needed to be replaced, all of the plastic storage items, the filing cabinet and wooden items that were not sealed with varnish. That doesn't cover all the items that were spread around the studio, fabric that was stained with smoke, threads, fabric paints ... 260 pages listing all the boxes and the items that were NR ... many of which do not have sufficient descriptions for me to know what they are. Will I ever get to sew again?

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