Sunday, 28 December 2008

Studio III ... back to bare walls

After the trucks left with my life's collections, this is what is remained.The next step was to remove the gyprock from the walls and ceiling. The rug came up and new plywood went down. I found out why I couldn't get am radio - every electrical system for the house ran though these walls. The studio had been the original garage.Then came a painter who sprayed white paint that neutralizes the smoke smell. There had been no structural damage.The electrician followed. I was asked to organize where I wanted the telephone, plugs, and TV. I couldn't visualize a new studio.My old studio may have been cluttered and messy ... but, it worked for me.
This was a life lesson in 'letting go'. I needed to think about what I wanted and start anew.During all of this I was organizing the 'Canadian Expressions' show which ran concurrently with the APNQ in Seattle. The trip did help me to get a perspective on the situation and to start planning the new studio. I purchased a supply of Superior threads. I still didn't have a sewing machine. First things first!

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

Oh Vivian I'm so sorry about the fire. Thankfully you weren't hurt.
So much sadness has happened to you this year. Stay strong and know that all this will pass and there will be sunshine again.

I just finished watching a DVD on the Art of Quilting. The entire time I watched it I kept thinking of you. The artwork reminded me of your quilting style. You have so much talent. I hope that you will find some comfort in your quilting.
Take care.