Sunday, 3 August 2008

getting back on track ...

I'm going to work on posting items from the past few months. Life got a little complicated in the spring and early summer. Thanks for the messages from some of my readers ... wondering if I was okay. The answer is that I am a survivor and 'life goes on'!

Vancouver began as 'Granville' town. It burned to the ground in 1885 and rose from the ashes within months. The cross Canada railway made Vancouver it's terminous here in 1887. Today, it is a city of a million, with a sprawl to include about three million in the 'Lower Mainland' area.
We live about an hour from Vancouver. One day we stopped at a little park on the North Vancouver waterfront I thought you might enjoy these ...
The sky is clear blue with little pollution. Ducks & geese are always in the water. The Burrard Inlet varies from 1-2 kilometers across. This photo shows the skyline, some frieghters and a barge being moved by a little tug.
In the close-up you can see 3 layers: the tug, a frieghter and downtown buildings with the 'sails' of Canada Place. In the photo below, you can see a 'Love Boat' heading up to Alaska. Some of these carry 3000 passengers and several ships go out each night during the summer. The forested land to the right is the world famous Stanley Park.The harbor is a busy place. There is also landing for sea planes (every 10-15 min.) and helicopters. If you are interested in visiting our town:

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