Monday, 21 July 2008

reading ...

When faced with a trip to Newfoundland (on the other side of the continent of N.America), I picked up a book at the airport. The Witch of Portobello, written by Paulo Coellho is an interesting read. The story reflects on the feminine side of God. It explores the balance that seems to be missing in the world today. The feminine side, with intuition and a joy in living is often mis-interpreted. Women who dare to challenge are discriminated against. His characters love - even if pain may be a part of love - without questioning why. Like God ... Love is!


Anonymous said...

I also loved this book! Do you know Paulo is launching this experiment where he is inviting his readers to adapt the book to the screen?
Check it out :
Have a great day

Margaret said...

I love Paulo Coelho--his books are so much fun, although I often find myself at odds with some of his little philosophies! Great stuff, though.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Vivian,
I've missed reading your blog posts. That sounds like an interesting book.