Sunday, 3 August 2008

Vancouver's China Town

In the heart of Vancouver is China Town.Historic China Town has been retained and we now have a gateway to the area and an authentic Chinese garden
This is only one of many ethnic areas that gives Vancouver its status as an 'international city'! Chinese labor was brought in to build the railway 150 years ago. It is estimated that 6 Chinese died for every mile of BC rail.For a period of time - descrimination ruled and the Chinese men were not allowed to bring their wives to Canada. The men collected in the area we now know as 'China Town', living in hotels and eating in the many ethnic restaurants. Shops opened and drew Vancouver families for a Sunday outingl My family drove to the 'Sunrise Market' for fruits & vegetables in the 1950's and it still operates today. The area became a 'night spot' for Vancouver resdents. Gambling flourished. The buildings were distinctive, often with balconies and ironwork. The photos above show the narrowest building in downtown Vancouver.
The photo below shows 'Ming Wo' - the best shop for kitchen equipement for at least 50 years. New Chinese immigrants now live in the diverse community. Richmond, on the Fraser Delta is home to many and has developed a 'new Chinese Town' complete with a Night Market.

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