Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Looking at the details of Las Vegas ...

The Bellagio Hotel has a huge reception room with Dale Chihuly's beautiful blown glass art work. Take a look at his link: www.chihuly.com/ Everywhere you look, there is beautiful design in tiles, marble and glass. This main hall of the Venition Hotel has vaulted ceilings painted in Italy 'in the style' of Michael Angelo. The spacious feeling of the interior buildings gives a feeling of classic European buildings. Here is a question: did Jane Sassaman use this rug design for inspiration or did the rug designer see a Jane Sassaman quilt? Or where they both influenced by ancient Turkish designs? The largest chocolate fountain in the world ... estimate - 15 feet high with hundreds of pounds of chocolate. After four days living in a fantasy world, we are heading home ... and the sky over Seattle is glowing like embers.

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