Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Kanaka Park

Kanaka Creek Park is a provincial park on the Fraser River. The Hudson Bay's Fort Langley was across the river.They brought Hawaiians (Kanaka people) to work at the fort, but didn't allow them to live in the fort. The Kanakas paddled to the side of the river that had a great ridge of Maple Trees. The First Nations people can trace Hawaiin bloodlines in their families. In the 1920's the Abernathy & Lougheed railway brought logs to the river.The The area is a floodplain. In the rainforest, tree stumps are covered with moss and moist enough to support ferns. Sandpipers feed along the river. A Canada Goose nests on a piling and watches the world go by. A close look ... sprays of flowers on bushes. And, standing on guard are the old trees, home to eagles.

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