Tuesday, 17 June 2008

If you don't gamble ... what do you do in Las Vegas?

Each hotel has a special display - from art to zoos.

The Mirage hotel has dophin pools. They do not have 'shows' but, rather 'interactions' on a regular basis during the day. I found this interesting ... the mirror formed by the water surface reflects the dophin.We know that Vagas is very open about sex. Trucks drive down the street with huge signs advertisng girls who can be delivered to your hotel in 20 minutes. Even the dophins get to play with 'sex toys' to prepare the adolescents for the 'real thing' when they mature.The Flamingo Hotel has a man-made grotto with palm trees and ponds ... and, of course ... they have flamingos! Swans: white, black and mixed float around the ponds while wild birds nest in the trees and swoop by.Perhaps, someone can identify this bird for me. Cute little ducklings paddle and bob while mom tries to keep them all in her sight. Carp float by and share their space.Caesar's Palace has a huge indoor aquarium ... where fish seem to fly! The Mirage Hotel has a minature 'game farm'. The lamas were in a dry rocky compound, very different from our local ones living on farms. Meal time was near and the jaguar was watching ... Lions who are very 'laid back' and pose for the tourists. White tigers ... an endangered species. As much as I love to watch these magnificent animals ... I hate to see them in such a restrictive habitat. We are told that they are animals never lived in the wild and have been used in movies. They spend a few days in Vegas and have their real home on a large animal farm.


corina said...

13 years ago I was also in Las Vegas, it seems a life time:) Thank you for the nice photos!

Toni said...

Great Photos..I enjoyed all the sites as well but still loved seeing them through your lense...Toni

I also wondered what that bird was.

~ P ~ said...

Wow things have changed a good bit since we were last in Vegas. Your pictures are lovely. I really liked the tree with the face.
Thanks for sharing your trip.

heidi said...

All photos from your trip are as always wonderful.
The animals are gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing.