Friday, 23 May 2008


This is my photo that I used for inspiration. It was taken on the Pacific west coast. We have huge rocks that are called 'sea stacks'. They are the core of volcanoes left when the less dense rock has weathered away. When the sun peaks over the rock, you can capture a sunburst.
The photo below shows the underpainting I did on white pima cotton.
When the underpainting was dried,I used inks to add detail.The image represents - theEdge: where sky, sun, spray and rock meet. The stitching is dense, with many threads in yellow, blue, & purple.
Below is detail. my goal was to show the sun radiating and the wet rock reflecting. You can double click on the photo to see the stitching in detail.


Maria del Valle said...

Your work is wonderful!!! Vivian, always I remember.
A hug

MAria del Valle

Paula Hewitt said...

Vivian - this is lovely - breath taking!

Margaret said...

I really, really love this one Vivian! It looks like a Van Gogh! (except totally original, of course).

~ P ~ said...

Vivian, you are truly a talented quilter/artist.

Ivette said...

I'm not a quilter, but I was introduced to your website last Nov by a co-worker and I haven't stop comming back to it. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your postings, pictures and comments!
I find it all very inspiring and soothing.
Sorry to hear about your father, it seems he lived his life to the fullest and enriched the life of those around him too.

Ruth said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful job.