Wednesday, 4 June 2008

further note on 'Sunburst'

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on my quilt.
This quilt is now (Wed.4 to Sat.7 of June) on display at the Quilt Canada Convention in Newfoundland. It is in a FAN exhibit, concurrent with the National Juried Show.
Sunburst will also be in the 'Canadian Expressions' FAN show running concurrently with the APNQ Quiltfest 2008 in Seattle Washington - August 8 to 10th at the Convention Centre.

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Kathy Wagner said...

Hi Vivian
I was at Quilt Canada and your quilt was oNe of my favorites of all the quilt shows! I was happy to find your blog today and see this quilt again. The design and colour were captivating from the distance, but when I went up close to the quilt, the stitching was unbelievable!!