Monday, 19 May 2008

Park & Tillford Gardens in North Vancouver, B.C.

Need a little calm & quiet in your life? Come walk in the gardens ... with the perfume of spring blossoms in the air.
Arches lead us into the garden. Dancing water fountains slow our pace and bid us to look more closely. Helliotrope burst out of groundcover ... a unique family of flowers that is sometimes called 'Rose of Sharon'.A woodland flower, the primula raises it's stem to the sunlight. A waterfall tumbles out of the rocks, softening the sounds from outside of the park walls.A pristine camillia is one of thousands on a large bush.A further turn in the path and we step through a 'Moon Gate' into the quiet of a Japanese garden.The twisted limbs of this maple will soon be hidden by leaves.A pond is alive with fish, skating insects and ducks.A Japanese lantern made of stone may be lit with candles to give the path a soft glow.
As we turn a bend, we are reminded that we are in Canada where the trillium is protected. The trillium has a complex system of reproduction that depends on the composition of the forest floor. So, take a deep breath and feel the beauty around you.


Paula Hewitt said...

A beautiful walk in the park - thanks

Margaret said...

The photos are just beautiful and I love the trillium at the bottom! They used to grow wild in the woods near my house and since I've moved to Edmonton I haven't had a chance to see any! It made my day to see that photo!

Maria del Valle said...

Hi dear Vivian:
It has been a great walk with their very beautiful photos!!
A kiss

Maria del Valle