Thursday, 7 February 2008

Eagle Ridge & Cougar Creek, Canmore Alberta

As we left for our morning walk, I snapped this photo of the dry snow blowing off the mountain and the sun-star created by the ice crystals in the air. From Eagle Ridge we look south to the town of Canmore and the other side of the valley.We followed a trail through the woods. A sad note: pine beetle has arrived. The only sure cure is -25 c for weeks at a time to kill the larvae. British Columbia forests are suffering both from the pine beetle and the spruce bud worm.
Nearby, we hike part way up Cougar Creek. There are also hikes on both mountains that flank the creek bed.
As always, I am fascinated by the abstracts of nature.Rock walls along the canyon show how violent this creek can be in flood.
Below our feet the water gurgles and shows up occassionally in open ice holes.
More of natures beauty!
As we head back and look at the Three Sisters Mountains, we see a rainbow halo formed by ice crystals. It is about -10 C today.

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