Thursday, 7 February 2008

Bow River walks

As we headed up the Bow River, it was a beautiful sunny day -5 C. Along the way a memorial bench to sit and contemplate ...
The cutest little springer spaniel was eager to pose.
An old railroad bridge has been converted to join the walking trails.
On the second morning, we walk downstream. Ice clings to the shallow areas along the shore.
At night ice freezes and then thaws as the day goes on.
Little bunnies hop in and out of the bushes in town and country.
Nature's paintbrush works its magic.
Near the end of our walk, a farm had a small herd of horses.
This is my first photo of the sun creating a halo like a rainbow, reflecting off the ice crystals. It is called a Sun Dog and often indicates a change in the weather.
Blue shadows fall on the snow as the sun falls behind the mountains. Nature carves through the ice - showing the current flowing beneath.
Lavender Sunsets come early in the mountains.


crazyqsis said...

The sun reflecting on the crystals is called a Sun Dog. It usually heralds a change in the weather.

Maria del Valle said...

Dear Vivian
Really we enjoy your photos!! my husband and I are to see astonished the beautiful landscapes!! Thanks very much!!!
A kiss

~ P ~ said...

I'm so sorry about your Dad's passing. I know this must be a very sad time for you and your family.
Your pictures of Canmore are beautiful. My husband and I are headed that way the first part of June. After seeing your pictures I'm even more anxious to see Canmore.

~ P ~ said...

Hi Vivian,
Thank you for visiting my blog. Our trip to Canmore with be for a vacation. I can almost smell the cool crisp air after looking at your photos.