Thursday, 7 February 2008

Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is known world-wide for it's luxurious hotel at one end of the lake and the Victoria glacier at the other end. The temperature was -17 C. We walked along the side and returned across the lake itself, with ice over 5 feet thick.Trees along the edge of the path had a delicate moss that gathered frost.
Below is a photo looking back at the hotel. Rather than walk, you can take a ride on a sleigh pulled by two draft horses.At the far end of the lake are two waterfalls. The tiny specks on the waterfall are men climbing the ice (with ropes and gear) ... not my cup of tea! Gigantic icicles could break off at any time.Meanwhile back at the hotel, ice blocks were being carved into ice. Chainsaws, drills and files whittle away the ice. Slush 'glues' them together. The Promise is below, coated with snow.
Thumbilina rides her butterfly into the night.The winner: The Snow Fairie waves her wand and delicate snowflakes float down.
After our walk, this was the view from our table ... and, dinner was great!After a wander through the lobby with jewellry stores and exclusive clothing, I bought a small skein of yarn with muskoxen hair. And, back to Canmore we go ... with a lavender pink sky reflecting off the snow ... a winter wonderland.

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