Tuesday, 30 October 2007

The hills above Oliver, B.C.

The road is a bumpy climb through golden leaves.

As we climb, the poplar trees disappear, the pines are more compact growth and there is evidence of past fires.

Wolf Lichen coats the trees ... stiffer than moss, it drops to the ground to feed the deer during the winter.
This big boy had a harem of healthy looking cows ... surprising since there is a scarcity of available food sources.
Ever wondered what an elderberry looks like ... as in 'elderberry wine'?
The lowly thistle grows smaller here.

Nature produces another abstract.

Oregon grape produces spots of deep wine-red foliage, still sporting a few blue berries.
The higher we go, the more lichens grow, this time on rocks. These plants can be decades old.
Looking from the hilltop down to Madden Lake.

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