Wednesday, 31 October 2007

October trip to Oliver ...

Here we go again ... down the path. The light is thin and the air cold.
We walk in to see the largest Tamarak tree ... slow growing and hundreds of years old. Dark areas mark the bark in the lower 10 feet and show how the fire damage has healed.
The Tamarak is the only coniferous tree with needles that turn golden in autumn and shed in the fall.

We were staying with good friends who invited us to join them. The leader of the hike showed us his favorite places in the woods.
This is an amazing phenomenon - a rock balencing on two points. It is about 15 feet high and 20 feet wide.
There is also a little creek that was golden on the edges with Tamarak needles. The forest is sparce with a lot of dead wood.
This once proud tree has fallen to provide nutrients for new growth. The twisted nature of the growth is from top to bottom and even in the branches.

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Alarttex said...

The water, blues and oranges, what beauty! Vivian.
I like so much your photos. Thanks for your mail
Maria del Valle