Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Home ... through the 'fruit basket' of B.C.

Exuberance! These horses were kicking up their heels and racing around the large paddock.
A hawk watches for dinner.
The Okanagan is famous for it's tree fruits: apples, cheeries, peaches and plums.
However like everything else, change marches on. These old varieties of trees are disappearing. They are being replaced with low growing, high yield fruit trees or, more often with wine grape vines.
Layers of colours flood the valley.

California Mountain Sheep. This small band was on the rocky hills above Keremeos. A male with large horns was with several females and a few adolescents. The big male hid and the 'big momma' of the group stood sentury on the rock. They seemed aware that the male could be shot ... but the females wouldn't be.
These photos were taken by my husband.
The cactus was nearby. The spikes are lethal!
Heading home ... along the Similkameen River and down the Hope-Princeton Hwy.

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Alarttex said...

I like many these photo Vivian inspire them to paint!
Very beautiful!!!